S1 | CAMO (3 pack)
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S1 | CAMO (3 pack)

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  • Water resistant, breathable, anti-bacterial, double-layer prevention
  • Machine washable and reusable 
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Safe and supple materials
  • Filter Option Available
  • Made in Canada 
  • Encourages respect of social distancing protocols 

Our masks are made locally reducing our carbon footprint. They are also WASHABLE, making them reusable and environmentally friendly. We use high quality cotton and blends that have a filtration capacity of over 70%.

Composed of 2 layers:

- One layer of 50% cotton poly and 50% elastane poly blend,

Our masks are washable, and reusable non-medical face cover made from materials engineered for breathability. Water resistant, it features adjustable ear loops for a comfortable, secure fit.

Want to know more about our Masks? 

- They're Handmade in Montreal, Canada

Are your masks really protective? 

Absolutely our face masks help guard to protect you from dust, wind and saliva particles in the air.

Do the masks really create a barrier? 

Yes they protect by creating a barrier between you and everyone around you.

Will these masks really help keep germs away from me? 

No doubt these will keep germs away when you cough, sneeze and encourage you to NOT touch your face, so as to improve hygiene.

Anything else I should know? 

Do not forget practice good hygiene! Face masks are most effective when used in combination with frequent hand-washing (20 seconds) with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Do they replace N95 masks and are they medical grade?

They do not and should never replace the N95 masks. They are not medical grade masks.

Will these help you keep your germs to yourself when you sneeze/cough, and keep you from touching your face?

100% YES! SICILY has created these masks for your peace of mind and those around you. 

Wearing these fashionable masks as a courtesy to others has become a part of our everyday culture! 

We must work together to protect each other from virus' such as the COVID-19! 

SICILY is committed to supporting our community.  With the purpose of preserving medical-grade masks for the healthcare workforce. 

Helps preserve medical masks for health workers



SICILY Mask Disclaimer: 

The SICILY Mask is a washable and reusable non-medical grade face cover intended for the general public. We advise machine-washing it before the first use and after each wear. Any other use is not recommended. Do not share the face cover with others nor touch your face or re-fasten it once it is on, especially outside. When taking off the face cover, do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth and wash your hands immediately after removal. 

The face cover is meant only for use while following social distancing protocols. 

The face cover is not designed as medical Personal Protective Equipment. 

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